The Learning Policy Center aims to inform education policy decision-making with high quality research on learning. Our website provides access to policy briefs, academic journal articles and book chapters from noted researchers in the field. These researchers include the Learning Sciences and Policy (LSAP) faculty at the University of Pittsburgh as well as experts across the country. The site will be updated regularly, so please check the site frequently for the newest publications.

Featured Publications

Research and Practice in Education: Building Alliances, Bridging the Divide

Edited by Cynthia E. Coburn and Mary Kay Stein

This book presents findings from a series of interlocking case studies of nationally visible R&D projects, with a unique focus on how researchers and practitioners actually worked together, and the policy, social, and institutional processes that either enabled or hindered their work.  By investigating the roles played by research and prctice in these efforts, the book illuminates lessons for those who seek to do this kind of work in the future.  Implications for designers, funders, school and district leaders, and universities are suggested.  Please read a review of the book by William Penuel. 

Implementing Standards-Based Mathematics Instruction: A Casebook for Professional Development, Second Edition (2009)


by Mary Kay Stein, Margaret Schwan Smith, Marjorie Henningsen & Edward A. Silver

Now in its second edition, this essential textbook and professional development resource offers a new foreword by James Hiebert. Drawing on the authors’ work over the past decade, two important new chapters focus on the ways in which the book can be used to support the learning of teachers and administrators.