Webinar: Engaging Teachers in Student Surveys


Wednesday, October 14, "Engaging Teachers in Student Surveys" -- A FREE My Student Survey webinar from 4:00-4:30 EST and a part of our Advancing Student Surveys Webinar Series 

Join us for a free webinar on engaging teachers in student surveys with Ryan Balch, CEO of My Student Survey.  Student surveys of teacher practice have been growing rapidly across the country as a method for providing actionable feedback for teachers.  Ryan Balch is a national thought leader on student surveys and has been working with schools, districts, and states on implementing student surveys since 2008.  He will be sharing best practices for organizations interested in implementing student surveys related to effective communication, essential elements for teacher feedback reports, and methods for identifying invalid surveys.  These techniques can assist with developing buy-in and engagement from teachers as they gain familiarity and comfort with student surveys as a source for feedback and professional growth.


My Student Survey is an organization that helps schools and districts across the country administer research-based surveys that promote high-quality instructional practice.  Using student surveys to provide professional feedback to educators is gaining popularity across states and districts.  We invite you to read our white paper entitled "Engaging Teachers in Student Surveys" and participate in a free webinar to discuss how best to engage teachers in the use of student surveys.   


To register, please visit www.mystudentsurvey.com/registration


Questions to be answered during the session include: Where have these engagement best practices been used and what was the response?  Who are the teachers you should recruit to play a key role in your engagement strategy?  What types of survey responses should you eliminate as outliers?  How do you make survey results translate into action?



Event Time: 
October 2015