Webinar: The Cognitive Impact of Poverty and What Educators Can Do


Tuesday, October 13, The Cognitive Impact of Poverty and What Educators Can Do
Numerous studies have shown the impact of poverty on the brain. Individuals who grow up in impoverished environments generally have less well developed cognitive capacity than their more advantaged peers. The impact of underdeveloped cognitive ability can be a serious impediment to academic achievement and life success. Neuroscience research is also showing how the plasticity of the brain offers the potential to close the cognitive gap with new tools and approaches that can lead to rapid academic gains and a leveling of the learning field.

In this webinar, we will be discussing:
-- Overview of the Research on the Impact of Poverty on the Brain
-- Connection of Underdeveloped Cognitive Processes to Academic Performance
-- Interventions that Impact Cognitive Capacity and Academic Ability
Our Neuroscience in Education Webinars are complimentary (there is no fee to participate) but space is limited. 



Event Time: 
October 2015