NCEBC 30th Annual Professional Development Convention


The NCEBC convention brings together the nation's top educators and policy makers who use professional development opportunities to:

  • Build connections among culturally relevant and responsive theories and practices of teaching
  • Encourage school leaders (how) to positively influence student learning and other aspects of school performance
  • Identify best practices that will build on student strengths and engage them in learning essential skills, content, and strategies

This conference is developed specifically for urban educators and aspiring district leaders who are seeking to motivate, challenge, and empower teaching teams to learn and adopt new technologies while implementing more effective methods for successful classroom in urban education settings.  

Regarded as one of the top annual education conferences for urban educators, this three-day, action-packed event will provide you with all of the tools, networks, and best practices you need to accomplish your goals related to increasing educational outcomes for African American children, especially black boys.


Register at:

Hilton Baltimore
Event Time: 
April 2016