Building A Robust Afterschool System: Lessons And Opportunities - An AYPF Webinar


Over the last decade, there has been a shift in the way many cities are approaching out of school time - moving from independent, isolated programming and funding to coordinated, citywide systems. As a result of this shift, many cities have seen improvements in access to and quality of afterschool programs. The Wallace Foundation's recent perspective, Growing Together, Learning Together, catalogues and organizes efforts to date around key principles of afterschool system building, and provides a snapshot of the opportunities that lie ahead for cities aiming to build a sustainable system.                     

This webinar will provide an overview of the cornerstone elements of an afterschool system and showcase how these elements are reflected in the system building work in three communities: Palm Beach County, Florida; Seattle/King County, Washington; and Providence, Rhode Island. Representatives from these communities will discuss the various approaches they've taken to develop a citywide afterschool system, the steps they've made to ensure their system meets the needs of their community, and the challenges and successes they've experienced along the way. In addition, we will explore opportunities for continued growth and sustainability, as well as several emerging issues moving forward.


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February 2016