Mission & Beliefs

The work of the LPC is grounded in our beliefs about teaching and learning and motivated by our mission to influence education policy decisions.

We believe all students have the right to a high quality education in order to achieve individual success and to further social, cultural, and economic equity in our country.

In order to assure that every student learns well, we believe policy must design environments that foster learning at all levels including students, teachers, school leaders, district leaders, and state and federal policymakers.

We believe there is a need to inform education policy with comprehensive research on learning and that student learning will increase when policymakers understand and account for the learning demands of ambitious education reforms.

The mission of the Learning Policy Center is to foster high quality learning environments for both students and professionals in public schools.Toward that end, we aim to infuse into policy decisions high quality, timely research on effective teaching and learning and on the school, district, and policy conditions that support their improvement.

LPC’s Unique Role:
The Learning Policy Center is a unique voice advising on the design, implementation, and impact of policies that aim to influence what teachers and students are expected to learn and that shape their opportunities to learn.The LPC informs policymakers of critical research on learning, influences policy decisions by actively engaging in policy work, and involves education stakeholders including researchers, policymakers, and practitioners in discussions of education reform challenges and solutions.